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"Madeleine [Forte's] technical perfection and liveliness, the sparkle of life she communicates to the music, is seductive… "

Activités Musicales, Paris, France

"A pianist of great skill and self-control, she at once commands attention by her performance, which has style, and also by her interpretation, which bears the imprint of reason and good taste. This brilliant pianist has already achieved much. She has remarkable gifts which enable her to reveal her personality as a vibrant and particularly sensitive one… "

Le Guide du Concert, Paris, France

"The lively and seductive musical gifts of Madeleine [Forte] deserve our utmost attention. Her technique is notable; so is her tone. The character of the composition always predominates in her interpretation… "

L'Aurore, Paris, France

"Madeleine [Forte] showed great independence in her playing, outstanding precision and surprising legato. She played with great passion. The audience rewarded her performance with warm applause… "

Kurier Lubielski, Lublin, Poland

"A deeply moved audience listened to the excellent playing of the French pianist. Each selection on her program was received with warm applause, especially her sparkling interpretation of Chopin's Polonaise."

Express Wieczorny, Warsaw, Poland

"Madeleine [Forte] plays Bach with majestic lines and real greatness, Guarnieri with expressive power, Villa-Lobos with rhythmical vivacity and exciting accents, Debussy with subtlety and resounding contrasts… "

Folha da Tarde, Porto Alegre, Brazil

"Madeleine [Forte] showed great mastery; Chopin and Debussy Etudes were admirable. Feux Follets by Liszt were raised to a point of rare musicianship, all in light touch and delicacy. In Chopin she displayed extremely rich inspiration and sensitiveness… "

La Libre Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

“Exceptional moment of emotion...the Franco-American pianist Madeleine
Forte gave a memorable recital, ‘Les deux amis Chopin et Liszt’...Madeleine Forte is at the summum of her Art.”

Presse-Ocean (Nantes)
November 19, 2004

“Exceptional artist, the Franco-American pianist Madeleine Forte interpreted with great mastery works by Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt.”

Ouest France (Nantes)
November 16, 2004